About Peter and Kalyani Lawry.

The story is essentially irrelevant; yesterday’s experiences are yesterday’s experiences. You cannot say the journey began anywhere, you cannot say it ended; you can’t even say that it happened. In the knowing that we are lived, a relaxation happens.

ltr: Peter Lawry, Kalyani Lawry & 'Sailor' Bob Adamson

A heartfelt gratitude wells up to all of our teachers who have pointed out the immediacy of what we all truly are. Muktananda said, “God dwells within you as you. Bow to yourself, honour yourself. That, thou art.”

The Javanese Sufi master Pak Subuh encouraged work, enterprise and being grounded: “Start a business, do the latihan and live an ordinary life.”

U.G. Krishnamurti told us to forget about the journey. “Everyone gets enlightened,” he mused. “It happens just before death. Go and make some money and enjoy yourselves.”

The poet mystic Brother David Steindl-Rast spoke of gratefulness as he laughed while mistakenly putting the left shoe on our young son’s right foot.

Ramesh Balsekar’s addresses in Mumbai stated it very clearly. “There is nothing to be achieved, only one thing to be given up – the false sense of personal doership.”

The old song man Paddy Roe (the late custodian of the song line north of Broome) on spying our walking boots and gear commented, “Hmmm… these fellows need to sit.”

Sailor Bob Adamson

Swami Muktananda Paramahansa

Pak Subuh

UG Krishnamurti

Ramesh Balsekar

Paddy Roe